Identity Lifecycle Management

Request, approve, provision and de-provision user access to on-prem or cloud applications for easier user onboarding, offboarding and self-service.


3 easy steps

Step 1: Create Identity Profiles

Pre-build templates allow the creation of attribute-based profiles to streamline the management of identities throughout their lifecycle. SE ILM will create Templatize identity across attribute-based workforce(employees, contractors, RPA accounts, service accounts) profiles such title, location, department.

Create Identity Profiles
Provision Access

Step 2: Provision Access

Self-guided creation of roles based on access requirements. In a few clicks assign application access including permissions within the application.

Step 3: Life Cycle Management

Automate user provisioning for lifecycle events such as on-boarding, off-boarding, and transfer. Associate identity profile with role profile for provisioning and de-provisioning. An intuitive interface allows end-users to self-service requests without circumventing compliance policies.

Connect Applications

Customer Success Story



Epiq, a privately held global leader in legal services industry with 80 offices and 7000 employees had grown through acquisitions. They had 80+ active directories and needed to clean up and consolidate. They needed to easily onboard employees, ensure employee access was disabled upon termination and show evidence for access audits.


We were looking for a product that could help us manage a large amount of Access reviews after finishing a number of acquisitions. What we found was that SecurEnds could do much more than that. We've begun to use it for AD cleanup as well. We are now evaluating for Entitlement Management as well. SecurEnds was much less expensive than the other tools we evaluated on the market and had all of the functionality we were looking for. I'd recommend anyone in the market for Credential Entitlement Management take a look at SecurEnds.

Roger Hardgrove, Global CISO, Epiq Global.

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