Automate Manual and Homegrown System

Excel Spreadsheet. Sharepoint. Scripts. Manual Reminders.

If your current Access Certification solution looks like a combination of above, you have
Insufficient Governance
Manual Error Prone Review Process
Potential Issues with Compliance And Audit Findings
SecurEnds’ cloud ready identity management platform provides governance across enterprise applications, custom applications and cloud applications.


Data Collection Connect with enterprise, custom and cloud applications using flex-connectors or csv file uploadManual data extraction and aggregation of identities
Entitlement Discovery AI enabled discovery of “who has access to what” using identity mind mapNon existent
Access Request Workflow Automated workflows to manage access requests, approval and fulfillment across enterprise systemsNon existent
Reminder Notification Intelligent email reminders with automated to reviewers, managers and end -usersIn person or spreadsheet based reminders
Access Certification Intuitive interface that consolidates roles, permissions and credentials across applications one-time or periodically or based on attributesManual review of spreadsheets or confirmation emails
Segregation Of Duty (SOD) Proactively create rules that prevent entitlements or roles from being granted to the same personNon existent
Proof Of Compliance Audit Reports Out of box audit friendly compliance reportsSpreadsheet based
Service Management Integration Out of the box integrations with service management systems (Jira, ServiceNow)Non integrated workflow


Delivers >

30 days

Time to implement IGA solution for enterprise customer

Digital Transformation

Modern and scalable product that integrates with IAM products like Okta and Active Directory


Reduction in Cost Of Compliance

Popular Connectors

Pre-built integrations to automate access workflows across cloud and on-prem


SecurEnds is helping leading organization maximize ROI on IGA investment