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Securends+Okta Full Identity Govern

Fill The Gap: User Entitlement Reviews and Access Certification

SecurEnds + Okta

Complete Identity Governance and Access Management Solution

Your organization may have Okta for access management. But you need to have a solution to fill the access certification and identity governance gap. The identity governance solutions have both access management and identity governance combined and expensive. The Okta and Identity Governance solutions are overlapped with access management features. But customers are looking to fill the gap: User Entitlement reviews, Access certification, and attestation. With the SecurEnds Credential Entitlement Management (CEM) product, focused on the user entitlement reviews and user access certification, the gap can be filled with an efficient solution.

Okta provides secure identity tools to safely authorize access, including Access Management, User Authentication, Single Sign-On, MFA and Password Reset. But Okta does not provide user entitlement reviews, access certification, and attestation to meet identity governance compliance requirements.


SecurEnds competitors have access provision & deprovision and identity governance. Customers have to purchase these combined products which are expensive and may take long time to implement.

Okta customers who only need Identity Governance solution, do not want to buy our competitor product. Moreover, Okta and these competitor products have overlapping features including Access Provisioning/De-Provisioning.

Okta customers are looking to fill the need for User Entitlement Reviews, Access Certification, and Attestation where SecurEnds fits in very well to meet the Governance and Compliance requirements. For example, Okta Manager Kane Keeling is working with us on one of his client needs, BBVA Compass Bank, and our product fits in very well along with Okta.

SecurEnds is a multi-tenant cloud product, easy to configure, 3-4 weeks of rapid deployment, and very cost effective solution compared to our competitors. SecurEnds is a perfect and complimentary product for Okta

SecurEnds fills the gap in the Okta IAM solution for Access Certification with Credential Entitlement management (CEM) product.

Enables companies to continuously run review campaigns of the users’ access rights and roles, assigning the manager to certify or revoke their entitlements, thereby increasing the security and accuracy of certifications and making the certification process auditable and compliant.

Compliance and Auditing reporting features deliver identity intelligence and answers to the basic questions of ‘who has access to what’, and ‘who approved that access.

Addresses Governance and Compliance challenges (Attestation/Certification, validation, reporting) in one solution.

Enables large enterprises to get in control of users’ entitlements across a very wide range of systems and at the same time enable them to stay in control for the future.

User Entitlement Reviews

Access Certifications

Separation of Duties

Access Notifications

Access Request

Access Management

User Authentication

Single Sign-On


Password Reset