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Security access

Most of the companies are affected by regulatory compliance obligations and are subject to industry regulations, such as HIPAA or PCI or Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) or GDPR and other regulations.   Companies face a multitude of security compliance for many regulations and governance. The core of security compliance is access control. You need to ask key questions regarding the access control for applications, databases, network devices, and cloud.   ...

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Data is the new oil. Companies need to protect customer data, intellectual property, financial data, confidential data from breaches and unauthorized access. As data can be accessed by people, process, and technology, companies need a multi-pronged approach to protect data. A fundamental step is to adopt a robust governance framework around identity access & management. It should be all-encompassing across various assets of the company:...

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With the increased adoption of cloud services, IT is facing some new and complex problems. IT teams today are constantly striving to improve productivity and security for both their own internal processes and for end-users. Any IT manager whose organization is looking to modernize is challenged with onboarding new employees, managing many identity lifecycles, and overseeing a cumbersome offboarding process which can entail some major...

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